Our story

The hotel is in the able hands of the third generation of the de Milliano family.

Originally, our grandparents built a hotel in Breskens, near the fishing harbour. The building was destroyed during the Second World War and had to be rebuilt.

In the sixties, the present hotel was built on top of the dunes, near the new ferry terminal.

Our parents had a clear vision about the hotel concept and accommodation:  it had to be state of the art and the privacy of the guests was essential. This is why each room has its own private entry.

In the early days, each suite had its kitchenette, so as to allow the guests to really feel at home.

The materials, furniture and objects had to be of the highest quality.

During the last ten years, all rooms and suites were refurbished, with respect for the authenticity of the original concept. In a number of suites, the kitchenettes were replaced by whirlpools, in other suites, they are still there, so as to leave the choice to the guests. Should they prefer to do their own home cooking, they can use the fully equipped kitchenettes.

At the onset of the 21st century, the car ferry to Vlissingen was replaced by a smaller ferry for pedestrians and cyclists only. The effect on the environment was beneficiary and our hotel became an even better place for bird spotting.

Recently our restaurant at the fishing harbour was closed down. Guests can now have dinner at the hotel.